Intelligent Before Decide Plastic Operation

Increasingly popular plastic surgery, seen from the number of surgery plastic surgery continues to increase. But as an intelligent patient also needs to know the risk factors, types of actions, complications, to the selection of doctors and place the right action. Plastic surgery to correct the shape of the face or other body parts to be an option, especially women to get the desired face shape. The American Society of Plastic Surgeon reports that 15.6 million people in the United States took plastic surgery by 2014. There was an increase of about 3 percent from the previous year. Of the many types of plastic surgery in RSKB Bina Estetika, rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) is the most widely performed. Followed by blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast augmentation (breast enlargement), and liposuction (liposuction). Surely almost all plastic surgery is intended to beautify the appearance. Consult your skin problem with Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon.

However, as an intelligent patient, we also need to know the risk factors, types of actions, the length of recovery, and possible complications. In addition, the selection of doctors and the location of the action of plastic surgery also need to be a major concern for patients before deciding to perform surgery. Blepharoplasty, for example, eyelid surgery is not without risk. Blepharoplasty is an operation on the upper and lower eyelids that are intended for cosmetic reasons, although in some cases, blepharoplasty is also performed in elderly people with the loose upper eyelid.