How to deal with unreasonable orders from your boss

In the field of work, especially in the office jobs, you will find so many types of bosses. Some bosses can be quite nice, while some other can be very challenging to face Sometimes, any boss will make some unreasonable orders that have to make you choose either to get rewarded with a guilty feeling intact or lose your job while you preserve your morality. Here are some tips that will help you make the decision. You can also visit to find more info about jobs.

Ask again

Make sure that the ridiculous order from your boss is not the result of your own mishearing. Clarify his or her order by asking your boss one more time about the details of the orders.

What will be the bet on this

Think about the things that you may need to sacrifice if you have to obey or refuse to do the order from your boss.

Consider the risk

Does it worth the risk? Do you lose your job or your chance to get a raise if you refuse? Do you lose your friends at the workplace if you follow your boss’s orders? Ask yourself about which one will be more beneficial for you in the future.